Application for Station Manager or Head of News @ Fuse TV Manchester

I am running for the position of Station Manager and Head of News. You choose which position I would be best at based on my ideas (if any).

Sorry for writing a lot but I am quite passionate about what I do so I feel the need to dedicate time and words to do so.

If you have not got the time to read it all PLEASE read all the words in thick writing! Thanks 


Who am I? What have I done before?

  • 10 Jan. 1992: Born in London
  • March 1992/ Sept. 2011: Grew up in Sardinia
  • 2009: Created a Livestream channel for my high school and was involved in local student newspaper (Liceo Brotzu TV).
  • 2012/2013: 2nd year History and Sociology
  • Sept. 2012/Jan. 2013: chairman of M.U. Italian Soc.
  • Sept. 2011: Joined Fuse TV in fresher’s week
  • Oct. 2011: Created and produced the first live charity fundraising show on Fuse TV (Jailbreak LIVE)
  • Dec. 2011 / May 2012: Head of Marketing and P.R. @ Fuse TV (amongst other things I created the social media platfoms.
  • May 2012/ Jan 2013: Head of Documentaries
  • Jan. /June 2013: Exchange program in Uppsala (Sweden).
  • Jan. 2013 / present: Involved in Uppsala Student TV and other student organisations

Application for Station Manager:

Why Station Manager?

I was a member of Fuse TV from my first week in my first year and have dedicated loads of time and effort into making it grow and expand.

No lies, my practical skills in editing and handling cameras are far from perfect (‘Oh crap, how do you do this!? .. Has anyone seen Max?’) but I’m applying as I like to see myself as outgoing, motivating and good at ‘team building’. If we maintain a  chilled, informal, ‘open to new ideas’ atmosphere within our society we can go a long way! I’ve noticed a massive difference in the 2 years I have been member of the society and maybe it is me who has changed but I feel that this year the team-spirit and motivation was much higher and as a whole I think this is at the base of why we have been much more successful (why would people spend hours on end working for Fuse if they did not feel happy within the organisation?).

Have experience in:

  • Public speaking: orals in school since I was 7 years old, in my final year was elected ‘school-assembly leader’, was chairman of the Italian society, I currently work as a student ambassador.
  • Networking. I have a lot of contacts amongst societies in Manchester as I was on the board of the A.L.C. inter-society network representing the Italian society. Plus I know quite a few students from different areas of study thanks to my job as student ambassador.
  • Organising events: ‘Vivo Sicuro’ was a county wide road safety project I planned and put together when I was in school ( and more recently with the Italian society.
  • Creating and managing Social Media outlets: from my former school’s F.B. page to Fuse TV’s outlets which I created in 2011 when I joined the committee as Head of Marketing and P.R..

meeting new people and would like to see myself as an outgoing, motivating person and ‘team builder’. and the teams and ideas I put together this year managed to work really well and be quite successful (the truth is cos I was lucky to be working with a really great team of people .  (from many oral exams at school to leading school assemblies during my year as ‘student representative’).

I enjoy problem solving and coming up with new ideas.

My Ideas to keep-up the great work carried out this year: 

  1. Increase partnerships with societies, A.U. and local media.
  2. Work with the Media Centre and talk to the vice-chancellor about the possibility of using their studios and equipment on a regular basis when they don’t need it. Uppsala university has 15 different student organisations, each with its own building but the university still grants student media office space and studios for free in the basement of the economic building.. Why can’t Manchester be more supportive? My argument to the vice-chancellor: More people would choose to study in Manchester if student TV had good equipment and reputation.
  3. Increase partnerships with other student channels in the U.K. and overseas: we could share technical info and content (I’m currently carrying this out between Fuse and Uppsala).
  4. Ask the Union to recognise the work we do! How? By giving us freebies and discounts on their services and products. Some examples: cheaper coffee for active members, vouchers for meals at the pub for those who successfully put together a program and have it published, free entry to the club night on Friday (that last time I went was pretty empty anyway so no big loss for them if it becomes a touch more popular). This idea will be brought on Wednesday 24th to the Student Assembly after campaigning for this when I ran for the community officer position in SU elections. Check my blog for more details:
  5. Use a new Livestreaming platform! Streamago offers the possibility of broadcasting live from PC and camera-phones! This would give us the chance to stream from live events on the street, in clubs, Fallowfield or wherever! I am currently testing it out here with Uppsala..
  6. Find out what students really would like to see on their student TV by interviewing them and doing surveys!
  7. Work with Man Met and Salford Uni’s Student Media to create 1 great channel for all 100.000 students in Greater Manchester. They currently don’t have their own TV channels, why not ask their students to join us?
  8. Encourage more informative/useful documentaries on issues that concern students especially topics which they would want to find out more about without having to ask people about it..
  9. At the end of the year, give a certificate to each (active) Fuse TV member with a transcript of the experiences and skills learnt during the projects the member followed during the year. This could be endorsed by the station manager, the media-intern and the head of the Media Club in the careers service.
  10. Establish set office hours every week that would be published on the website.

What would I do as Head of News?

Why Head of News?

Because it is the section I first joined in freshers’ when I started working with Fuse TV and had a bad experience as I was judged ‘inadequate’ for reading the news because I stuttered (out of nerves) in my first formal interview with the head of news at the time. To cheer me up I was given the role of scrolling down the screen of the Autocue for the presenter (it looks amazing in my C.V.). Student Media is NOT PROFESSIONAL and YOU ARE HERE TO LEARN so I would love to prove to my ‘former boss’ that if her PR skills were a little bit better, she would have managed to put together at least 1 episode of the news during her semester ‘in office’.

Plus I have quite a few cool ideas:

Create a weekly news bulletin with a round up of the latest from around campus and beyond. 


By creating a ‘news team’ and a rota in which people who sign-up take a commitment to do the work for the chosen day or at least warn in advance. Meetings on weekly basis at a set time for a few hours (not more then 3/4) in which news stories get chosen, the script gets written and then it all gets recorded and edited. How can this be possible in just 4 hours? By having a snappy, informal, and standardised format:

  •  Intro
  • 1min campus and local Manchester news
  •  3min report (made in advance, not time-sensitive)
  • 1min broader student-related news
  • 1min Sport
  • 1min What’s on in Manchester in the following week

2 or more people working for each section.

The people on shift for a set section would need to find the stories, write the script, possibly liaison with ‘The Mancunion’ columnists or editors of the specific section,  prepare Power-point slides to go with each topic mentioned and 1 person would need to read-out the stories in front of the camera (next to a TV screen connected to the PC/powerpoint presentation).

News for all 3 Universities in Greater Manchester

Following what I suggested in point 7 in my ideas for Station Manager, I would want to create an atmosphere of co-operation with the other Student Unions. The main news could be the same for all  then the 1 minute ‘campus and community section’ could be different for each university.

And now for all the latest from the campus and community where you are, we will join our news teams across Greater Manchester.

Give a reward to the People who work on putting together the news edition:

Following point 4 of what I would do as Station Manager I would get the Union to give the 10 people who work on the news edition a free-entry ticket for the following Union club night and coffee on-tap for the hours we are in the office working (I love coffee). Having the free entry tickets for the club night could make it a social event for the news-team to bond and know each other.

“They will never do that… ”

Why Not! It would cost them £0 (cost of making coffee is sooo cheap).

Subtitle the news edition and ask the Student Unions and universities  to broadcast it on their TV screens across campuses in Greater Manchester.

A dream:

IF this news-model were to work, we could potentially talk to Nasta and ask them if they want to create a weekly national UK Student News program that gives the news stories from a student prospective with the partnership of many student TV channels across the country.

What is the point of having a national news programme? Isn’t BBC good enough?

Yes the BBC is great, but they do not focus on the same stories or see them from the same point of view as young adults in university do.

Contact me and ask me anything you like, I will get back to you as soon as I can!


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