Greeting People

The first thing that happens in a group situation, with people from different parts of Europe that gather in one place for a training course, is a meet and greet session. In my books, this was also the most entertaining part of the first few days of the course I followed, as you can tell cultural differences a mile away.

As the course was in Spain, the organisers used the Spanish way to greet the participants so a hand shake and two kisses on the cheek. Most entertaining was seeing the reaction on people’s faces, the majority of which could not mask their sense of surprise and slight unease to all this southern affection. Most taken aback were the Palestinian girls who were totally shocked by the forwardness of the spaniards.

Also I had some difficulties: when greeting one of the city councillors I went in for kissing her right cheek first whilst apparently in Spain you start from the left.

Overall very entertaining, I strongly recommend this experience just for the fun of it.


Italian stereotype-based advert of Peugeout 206


Story of a young, ambitious, Indian guy who thanks to his skill and perseverance managed to transform an old car into the new (for the the time) Peugeot 206.

Not surprisingly this advert was broadcast on Italian television and not British one. As mentioned in the post about Peters many Italians are not familiar with people from other cultural or ethnic background.

More Britalian preconceived ideas on India.

Stereotypes: Mahatma Gandhi, the most respected figure in Indian National culture


2004 Telecom Italia TV advert featuring one of the most famous Indian men of all time Mahatma Gandhi.

The advert shows the leader broadcast on modern means of communication such as mobile phones, televisions and computers ends with a question:

“Se avrebbe potuto comunicare cosi’. che mondo sarebbe?”

If he had been able to communicate this way, what would the world be like?

This was one of the most popular adverts on Italian television as it conveyed a strong message underlined by the closing catch phrase of the telecommunication company’s advertising campaign:

‘Comunicare e’ Vivere’

To communicate is to live.

What are the perceptions of Gandhi in India? Is he as much of an iconic figure as Garibaldi in Italy or Che Guevara in Cuba? Do people still quote him in their everyday life?

Bollywood and the importance of traditional Indian Dancing


This is the 1st part of a series of posts which I hope to publish today on my perceptions of India before actually leaving to go there!

This video used to be one of the intros on BBC1 before programs started.

Bollywood dancing is definitely among the top stereotypical ideas one with little knowledge of India has. It

Is this form of dancing still a ‘big thing’ in the country today? Do the young generations like the music and dancing or do they prefer David Guetta and Rihanna?

This is one of the stereotypes which I will try to bust or confirm during my 3 weeks in India.

More Britalian preconceived ideas on India.