A really great tasting drink, which also has many powers!

History of Greek Food

I like to see the salepi vendors in their white shirts, early in the morning. And I like the bronze samovars that they have on their small carriages.

“Salepi original~Charcoal fire ~ Constantinopolitan Kostas”
Photo credits: Anastasia Yannopoulou.
 In older days they carried large copper jugs or samovars on their backs.

Once they were fanatically patronized by early morning laborers and late – night revellers.

they were plentiful…

coffee occupies the most significant niche in the consumption of hot beverages.

salepi vendors are getting fewer and fewer….

Salepi has a long history in Greece though.
Before coffee spread, salep was extremely popular in Ottoman Empire. So, it was also available in the streets of the Ottoman occupied Greek cities. After the Asia Minor catastrophe (1922)  many Greek refugees found work as salepi peddlers as well.
  This wondeful antidote to the cold days and nights  was mostly obtained from the pulverized tubers of Orchis mascula and Orchis militaris (among others).
The term…

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