Indoona: Revolutionising Communication

Since I was born we have gone through a period of massive changes in communication from traditional telephones and fax, to mobile and email and every year everything changes.

We have now reached the stage where we don’t need fax machines as we have email attachments and we do not need phones as we have PCs or mobile phones which use internet.

Free applications such as Skype, Viber and What’s App. have revolutionised the way we communicate and the more time passes the more the number of similar apps increase and improve.

Sardinian multinational communication company Tiscali spa has created an application for phones and computers that aims to put everything in one place and the Sardinian word for this is what gave the name of the programme ‘Indoona‘.

It  is a combination of Skype, Viber, Vine, What’s App and Twitter.



  • It allows you to call/video-call all your contacts from a phone or computer to another device with the app downloaded.
  • Post micro-status updates like Twitter
  • Post videos and live-stream with your camera-phone
  • Send instant messages to all your contacts
  • Make 100 minutes of phone calls a month for FREE to land-line numbers in western-Europe and to mobiles and landlines in North America and China. Plus, cheap calls to mobile phones (except in China and in the U.S.A. where they are always free).

To Dowload Indoona for mobile phones:

To Dowload Indoona for Windows/Mac:

Short tutorial on how to use Indoona:

I am aware of the fact that one might think I was paid by Tiscali to say this, truth is I have not. The only reason I’m promoting it is because I believe it is a great app and I’m very proud of Tiscali as a company that started little and grew into a multinational. It is a true example that in an island where job opportunities are very few yet one big idea made it across the sea and is slowly conquering the world.

Finally, another great thing about Indoona is that they use Sardinian scenery as background to their advertising campaigns. Indoona Sardinian Sea


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