Student Union Run Accommodation

This is an idea based on what I am seeing here in Uppsala and although, for an enormous number of reasons, recreating in Manchester what they have here is impossible, some things could be brought over.

The General Idea:

Creating housing owned and run by the student union exclusively for students that get involved as volunteers within or for the Student Union.

Involved in what way?

  • Working a few hours a week in one of the Union outlets (Bars, Shops, Giggs, Club nights).
  • Getting seriously involved in RAG.
  • Holding a committee position within a society and being actively involved.
  • Being an active course rep.

To establish the level of volunteer work one does for the Union there could be a special individual ‘point system’.

What Would be so Special about SU accommodation?

  • Competitive Price (with all bills included).
  • Good quality, fully furnished, bedrooms.
  • Good location.
  • In a community of fellow students who most likely share similar values on the importance of building a good university experience and making a difference for other students.

How could this be done?

I have already thought of a way, but need to check if what I have in mind is plausible as I would not want to promise something unachievable.


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