Kebab Pizza – The Real Deal



Last night finally got round to trying an authentic ‘real Kebab Pizza’ in the local pizza house.

After having tried a ready-made version last week.

My Italian side immediately thought the combination was odd but must say I am really quite surprised how nice it is!! You have the classic Margherita base (tomato sauce and mozzarella) plus Kebab meat, green chillies, peppers, onions, slightly spicy red sauce and ‘tzatziki’ (the white, mild sauce).

I tried doing a Google search to see what came up with typing ‘Kebab Pizza’ and apart from a few blog entries there was nothing substantial about its origin. My guess is that it originates from when immigration was strong here in Sweden and foreign restaurants and fast food outlets were opening. This is the likely conversation between the 2 Swedes who invented it:

What take-away shall we have tonight?

I don’t know, you decide.

Well the choice is between Pizza or Kebab, no; you decide!

I did it last time, it’s you turn now.

No I refuse, you decide.

OK LET’S MAKE A COMPROMISE: We will have Pizza with Kebab on top.

No doubt this conversation has really happened a few times and the solution to the problem is solved.

Swedes love to compromise, not worth arguing, when you just need to find a middle way.


Swedish Positive Attitude



It has been an amazingly sunny day in Uppsala with blue sky all around and many people, like lizards, going out doors to admire the rare wonder of nature.

Temperatures were quite warm, I was in a t-shirt! Needless to say that I was indoors trying to finish my essay last minute after having stayed up all night… It was a nicer view then usual from my window.

On top of that, the ice cream van drove-by; a little bit of sun,blue skies and off it goes!

Ice Cream?

Why not! (Mental note: must eat quickly before it becomes rock solid).



Swedish positive attitude, so sweet.




Sei bella te lo giuro, hai molta cultura, un potenziale enorme, cucini bene, hai dei buoni principi, poi sei cosi’ solare

Nel mio cuore potresti essere la piu’ bella del mondo e fottitene di quelli che dicono che sei in rovina come quel biondo con cui ti intendevi negli anni 30. Quello ti ha fatto ben pochi favori e ti ricordo che in passato avete fatte delle grosse cazzate assieme, quindi non ascoltarlo troppo..

Leggo su Facebook che continui a tagliarti e bruciarti e non mi sorprende, anche quando ero lì lo facevi, ma lo hai sempre fatto anche prima che ci conoscessimo. Mi viene veramente difficile andare avanti così; mi distrugge vedere quanto sei bella ma allo stesso tempo, quanto ti odi. Parlando con amici ti difendo sempre, loro spesso ridono e dicono che non é possibile che tu sia così e hanno ragione…

Su quindi scendi dal cornicione, asciugati le lacrime, esci un pó dai tuoi schemi, fatti nuovi amicizie.

Quindi me lo prometti che non ti ammazzi?

Se c’é qualcosa che posso fare per aiutarti dimmelo, mi raccomando! Ora perdonami ma devo proprio scappare, sappi che nonostante gli anni passino e nonostante abiti lontano ti penso spesso e mi manchi…



Altri articoli di Politica Italiana.

Kebab Pizza



Apparently this is the most popular pizza in Sweden.

I can’t say I’m trying ‘the real thing’ as it was a ready-made 10kr bargain from ICA.

It’s actually quite nice, next time will need to try a freshly made one to give a better judgement.

I eventually tried the ‘authentic’ Kebab Pizza and wrote about it in this other post.

Guidance for Students When Finding Housing

Too often landlords and estate agencies think they can get away with cutting corners or over-charging students as there is a common stereotype that we are all a bunch of alcoholic idiots that are easy to please and have a general cba attitude to life.

To be fair some students might fit the stereotype, but it is essential that the SU should give as much information and guidance as they can so that fellow students in Manchester, or arriving on exchange, know all the basic stuff and have the upper hand when signing the contract.

When signing a contract  you most likely will be, or have been, under a considerable amount of pressure. It is quite easy to see how this situation is used to the advantage of the person on the other side of the desk and although you won’t totally understand many things between the lines, after asking 2 or 3 clarifications you just give up and sign.

The Union offers a service that will read contracts and establish if it’s fair or not but most likely, did you know about that? Chances are you didn’t but even if you did, most likely there will be no time for that as the landlord mentions the famous other 3 groups that have also expressed interest in exactly the same house and that may sign any moment. You know they are probably lying, but what if they are not?

Quick consultation with future house mates  ‘What to do?’ is the recurrent question everyone asks each other..

#dispare #panic #fml #Iwantmummy #cba

Some might call their parents, hoping to get their blessing.

In the end… You sign the contract.

Our University together with the other universities in Greater Manchester have set up an amazing service called ´”Manchester Student Homes” that through its website and advisers can do a lot to help students find the right house that complies to all the standards of living that we are entitled to by law, BUT many Students don’t even know of its existence.

What could the Union do?

  • Give ‘crash courses’ on how to pick the right house, what to look out for, understanding contracts, deposit schemes and so on.
  • Work in partnership with Student Media: dedicated coverage in the Mancunion, shout outs and pod-casts on Fuse FM and a Documentary series exposing ‘bad’ landlords and agencies together with short guidance videos with advice.
  • Create a standard contract in partnership with Manchester Student Homes, that landlords or agencies can choose to use if they want the quality standard certification from the our Union.

What above stated is not going to be an easy task, but if our Student Union woks together with the other universities’ SUs this could be a massive step in showing that if 100.000 students in Greater Manchester work together, we can get it our way.

Transforming the concept of ‘Student Bars’

Student Bars should be the centre of Student life.

In my view they should be organised and run by the SU, as opposed to profit-driven companies and the workers should be student volunteers that would work for fun as a way of meeting new people and gaining experience. In exchange the SU could pay them with drink vouchers on top of a series of privileges gained via the reward system.

The common idea of a ‘Student Bar’ is a place open in the evening where students go to get trashed before going on a night out. Although for many this is a great part of student life, I believe they could and should offer more.

How could this be done?

Becoming more then just a Bar:


  • Having longer opening hours
  • Serving tea, coffee and hot drinks .
  • Serving food such as: snacks, fresh sandwiches, salads, pastries, basic meals and so on.
  • Creating special events during the day such as a Waffle-buffet, Brunches on weekends, Pancake days and so on.

Helping deal with the ‘alcohol problem’ in the evenings.


  • Cheaper prices for drinks (even alcoholic ones) would encourage people to pre-drink in the bar as opposed to bedrooms or corridors. The bar workers would stop serving someone if they are ‘worryingly drunk’ and seek for medical assistance if need be.
  • Offering complementary soft drinks with each shot of spirit you buy.
  • Removing invasive posters advertising beers and spirits.
  • Making water jugs readily available so that anyone can help themselves without having to ask or cue.
  • Offering a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails.

Why Bother?

  • So to create vibrant, local, student-run, social centres that don’t limit themselves to selling booze.
  • Create more opportunities for students to get experience as barman, baristas, cooks (preparing sandwiches, salads and basic meals) and in managerial roles running a small business.
  • To offer cheaper prices then a student bar would normally (as most are run as a profit-driven business).
  • To create a cheaper, ethical, environmentally conscious, student-run alternative to Starbucks or other similar franchisers.
  • The minimal profit could be re-invested in supporting other SU activities and projects.
  • To create a community around them, both amongst the volunteer workers and amongst the people who go there.

Potential Problems:

  • Nobody will want to work for free.

The shifts would be short (max 6 hours long). The students would get rewards for what they do via the reward system.  Freshers and exchange students, who generally have less academic pressure, would be particularly encouraged as being new to Manchester they would be more eager than most to get to know new people and be part of a community of student-workers for that bar for which socials and free staff parties would be organised. them. A small wage could be given if working on a busy evening shift and together with the tips they could earn an extra few ££ a week (that is better than nothing!).

Bringing SU Activities to Fallowfield

Most students would agree that Fallowfield is the heart of Manchester’s student community.

Manchester is a ‘city-based’ university that implies a lack of a real campus and having many buildings and student residential areas spread out across the city.

Manchester does not entirely fit the definition as you have two main distinct university areas:

  • One compact university campus with offices, classrooms, lecture halls, library and so on. This area can be defined as ‘work’ and ‘study’. There is also ‘North campus’ but the university is planing (on the long term) to move the remaining courses to new facilities that will be built on the south campus.
  • The student accommodation area is totally separate. This can be found mainly  centred round Victoria Park, Fallowfield and Whithinghton but it stretches down to Didsbury, Levenshulme and then up Rusholme and into the city centre.

And where is the Student Union located? It’s in the virtual ‘study campus’ so it is hard for many people to reach it and once you leave the building in the evening you are surrounded by a sleeping city with no sign of life as everything nearby is shut (except Jabezz C. pub).

Owens Park is a much closer location to most students’ accommodation than the university area is and many people could reach it on foot.

Quick estimation of how long it would take to walk from Owens’ Park to the different areas listed (obviously it will depend on your pace and the amount of drinks you had but this estimate is based on ‘Google Maps’):

O.P. to Whithinghton centre, outside the library: 16 min (0.8 miles).

O.P. to Victoria Park area : 24 min (1.2 miles)

O.P. to Rusholme (near petrol station): 21 min (1.1 miles)

O.P. to Didsbury Village: 33 min (1.7 miles).

Whilst Fallowfield Centre to the Student Union building is a 33 min walk (1.7 miles).

My Idea:

  • To work in partnership with the Fallowfield Hall’s Residence Associations.
  • Use some of their common rooms, facilities and bars to offer the possibility to societies to hold meetings and socials there.

All offices, student media and meeting rooms would remain in the original building but there would also be the extra space that could allow us to create more facilities. This would not be up to me but I would suggest: a prayer room, a student-run restaurant (bigger then the pub and with different kind of food), a napping area (any student could rest without fear of being ‘spotted’), a small gym and other facilities that students could use to relax, pray, study or eat whilst they are waiting for their next class or perhaps to take a break from revision.

On a more complicated and long term project entire halls could be taken over by the SU and combine both student run accommodation and activities. I thought about how this could be carried out in my former hall of residence which is no longer being used.

Student Union Run Accommodation

This is an idea based on what I am seeing here in Uppsala and although, for an enormous number of reasons, recreating in Manchester what they have here is impossible, some things could be brought over.

The General Idea:

Creating housing owned and run by the student union exclusively for students that get involved as volunteers within or for the Student Union.

Involved in what way?

  • Working a few hours a week in one of the Union outlets (Bars, Shops, Giggs, Club nights).
  • Getting seriously involved in RAG.
  • Holding a committee position within a society and being actively involved.
  • Being an active course rep.

To establish the level of volunteer work one does for the Union there could be a special individual ‘point system’.

What Would be so Special about SU accommodation?

  • Competitive Price (with all bills included).
  • Good quality, fully furnished, bedrooms.
  • Good location.
  • In a community of fellow students who most likely share similar values on the importance of building a good university experience and making a difference for other students.

How could this be done?

I have already thought of a way, but need to check if what I have in mind is plausible as I would not want to promise something unachievable.